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Pictures of different schools & the Sri Lankan landscape

Summer 2013 Art & English Program

New School, Galle, Sri Lanka 2012

Collaborative Peace Mural: Bridge 2 Peace Montessori / House of Children

June Fundraiser                                              Location;  USA

“Sponsor a Child” TreePICT0993
Executive Committee Members with Bernadine
Traditional Dancer at Opening CeremonyPICT0998
Bernadine and Friend Preparing the Food
Sample of Auction Items
PICT1006Sample of Auction Items PICT1003Handmade Gingerbread House
Furniture Arrives from Midcoast Montessori USA

   Location; B2P Montessori        Lunugamvehera

DSC01672 DSC01673
DSC01677 DSC01679
P1010302 P1010303
P1010309 P1010312
Smiles at play time…. B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
P1010465 P1020104
P1010351 P1010332
P1000817 P1000816
P1000815 P1000813
P1000812 P1000786
P1000781 P1000698
P1000685 P1000623
Be the Cause Visits B2P Montessori, Lunugamvehera.
P1000832 P1000833
P1000761 P1000791
P1000756 P1000795
P1000749 P1000753
DSC01070DSC01048 DSC01073


A day in a Montessori Classroom Location: B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
P1010513 P1010515
P1010518 P1010520
P1010521 P1010522
P1010524 P1010525
P1010552 P1010571
P1010527 P1010529
P1010561 P1010572
P1010543 P1010539


La Petite Fleur Montessori teachers visit Lunugamvehera

DSC_0146 DSC_0155
DSC_0144 DSC_0145
Poson Parade Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
(18) (19)
(2) (4)
(6) (11)
Anniversary Celebrations Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
DSC00209 DSC00256
DSC00203 DSC00205
DSC00198 DSC00200
DSC00185 DSC00187
kids_11 kids_13
Little hands working Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
kids_14 kids_10
kids_01 kids_09
Craft fair USA
crafts_fair_10 crafts_fair_01
crafts_fair_02 crafts_fair_07
Doctor Visits Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
IMG_0298 IMG_0299
IMG_0290 IMG_0293
large_camp_03 large_camp_02
Dana…offering meal to Buddhist Monks to  celebrate 2nd Anniversary Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera
DSC01520 DSC01538
DSC01516 DSC01519
DSC01512 DSC01515

La Petite Fleur Teachers Reach out,  Location; B2P Montessori Lunugamvehera

IMG_0353 IMG_0357
IMG_0351 IMG_0352
IMG_0346 IMG_0347
Bridge2peace Lunugamvehera…Beautiful Beginnings
399A_004 399A_001
large_b2p_front large_child_01
large_child_05 large_children_08
large_letters_02 large_letters_01
Opening Ceremony
large_opening_05 large_opening_06
large_opening_02 large_opening_03