Bridge2Peace Montessori – Lunugamvehera

In March 2006, the Bridge2Peace Montessori was launched in Lunugamvehera, a village in the southeast of Sri Lanka and besieged by extremely dry weather most of the year. Preliminary research into the preschool education in the area proved that extreme poverty of the parents excluded their children from receiving a quality education.

Bridge2Peace Montessori has opened up opportunities for children who are severely affected by poverty, civil war and the Tsunami. It has become the pathway to bring peace to the lives of those children and their parents and to brighten up their farming community.

The Peace Curriculum is an essential part of the preschool education provided in the Bridge2Peace Montessori program. This is a subtle approach to the promotion of peace and unity in the mind of the individual as well as within the community.

Bridge2Peace Montessori School located in Lunugamvehera, in southeastern Sri Lanka serves 70 – 80 students.

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