Heritage Recognition Programme – Kalawewa

Kalawewa is a site of great historical recognition as well as the cross- road for multi-ethnic communities of Sri Lanka. The Kalawewa Heritage recognition programme aims at bringing all racial, linguistic and religious groups into closer contact with each other’s culture, with the ancient and magnificent history our land and with the land on which our ancestors of all ethnicities farmed and fought, prayed and played and ultimately worked together to develop to the immensely significant status of being The Granary of the East.

Older students and adults, and especially young Sri Lankan expatriates have a chance to live closer to the land, be more connected with the natural environment, experience life in rural agricultural community and enhance their understanding of the multi-ethnic and multi-religious contributions to the two and a half millennia of history which have made Sri Lanka what it is today.

The first batch of students for this programme is scheduled for August 2011.

A visit to the site

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