Peace Gang

Peace Gang  – A positive group of dynamic children who have chosen to be messengers of peace. Through their efforts in learning about the world at large, they carry in their minds and hearts knowledge, understanding, and respect for different cultures and people.

The Peace Gang was formed for many reasons. Basically it inspires all to be better people and to think about improving the world around them. It also equips the children to create a more peaceful world consciously.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in human dignity
  • We believe in the right to freedom
  • We believe that everyone has the right to live in peace
  • We believe in compassionate acceptance and understanding of our multi cultural society
  • We believe in maintaining the integrity of all people

Our Purpose

  • To explore ways and collaborate in building Peace together in the community
  • To focus on Peace building through education and awareness directed to children and adults
  • To create and organize forums that will reach not just those who are already convinced of the need to build peace in our community, but to reach a broader community
  • Celebrating and understanding ethnic and cultural diversity

Our Motto

“Peace Begins With Me”

Our Logo Peace Mandala
pg_logo image
The Peace Table The Peace Pole
image image
The Peace Bell

The Peace Curriculum which is followed through the year is based on the four concepts – SELF, ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNITY AND CULTURE. This curriculum is promoted in English, Sinhala and Tamil among the chosen schools in Sri Lanka.

The goal of the Peace Gang is to make the children acquire a grounded knowledge in geography and a broad sense and understanding of other cultures, religions, and traditions. Further, the Peace Gang encourages and welcomes parent involvement in multicultural education.

On the 8th of April 2008 the Peace Gang of Sri Lanka was born with a membership of 24 children aged 5 to 15 and 3 adults. They are a volunteer group from La Petite Fleur Schools comprising of concerned citizens and their children with a common vision that could be a powerful catalyst for promoting peace in Sri Lanka.

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Our first meeting Planting our national tree – Naa Tree Senior Peace Gang Members

Ruweni Weerasuriya, Fazrin Ozeer, Dilanthi Manuel, Roshanara Soysa, Andrea Wille & Pushpa Wijesuriya make up the think tank of the Peace Gang- Sri Lanka.

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