Teacher Training

As an organization dedicated to the Montessori Method and Peace Education, B2P constantly is offering Teacher trainings to sustain the practice!

Refresher teaching practice for teachers from Lunugamwehera commenced at La Petite Fleur Montessori with rigorous training, workshops and observation. It was indeed a refresher course of training for the La Petite Fleur teachers as well.


Taking the Montessori method further

Another mile stone in Montessori ! In 2007, 12 young women qualified and pledged to follow the Montessori training. Liesl, Tharanga, Asoka and Bernadine worked hard for long hours on Exercises of Practical Life to suit the culture, adapting cultural activities relevant to the village  and emphasizing on their past grandeur, community identity and strength building upon the Wewa (water source), Dagaba (religious symbol) and Pansala (centre for spiritual learning). Since then, the number of teachers has quadrupled!

There was an unparalleled moment in history as we dived deep into the thoughts, words and guidelines of Dr Maria Montessori, first by listening intently to Maureen Jayawardene as she eloquently and enthusiastically shared her personal experiences of being among the second batch of students to study under Dr Montessori herself and then sacredly reading the hand written parchment like notes written in 1943 by Maureen as she and her sister barely 19 years of age sat at the feet of Dr Montessori as she conducted the training for girls in Kodaicanal, India. Aunty Leena Wickremasinghe and Aunty Joyce Gunasekara, having just passed out in the first batch assisted in the training.

Having experienced staff such as Mrs Celia Fernando who also studied directly under Dr Montessori when she was invited to visit Sri Lanka in 1947 was a strength. ‘Aunty Celia’ has worked and guided La Petite Fleur Montessori House of Children since its inception in 1993.

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