Bridge2Peace; a non-profit, non-governmental organization was an immediate and concrete response to the devastating tsunami of 2004 in Asia.

Bernadine Anderson, empowered by her family and friends and the parent body of Farmington Academy; her Montessori School in Connecticut, USA, reached out to bring hope in what was a hopeless situation, especially for her island nation of Sri Lanka which was mourning the loss of nearly 36,000 people killed or missing.

The grant of 2.5 acres of land by the government of Sri Lanka in a far- flung rural farming community in the deep south, recognized as being among the poorest of poor, inspired the founding of what today is a beacon of hope, peace, stability, and a different quality of education and life for the children and their families of the town Lunugamvehera: The Bridge2Peace Montessori House of Children. For communities such as this one, besieged as it is by an unforgiving climate and low irregular incomes, Bridge2Peace works through teacher training and vocational skill building, to ensure quality early education and an all-round student welfare towards our mission: To empower the marginalized and under -privileged through Peace Education and Vocational Training based on Montessori principles.

Volunteers from across the globe, inspired in turn, have donated countless man hours, sharing love and hope through gifts of manual labour and intellectual expertise, financial and material assistance, moral support and capacity building.

The efforts of a committed team have resulted in diverse responses to other educational needs of both urban and rural communities in the western, northern, north-central and north-eastern provinces as well.

Just 5 years later, Bridge2Peace has reached across the nation, touching lives of children from all ethnic groups, of all religious denominations, speaking the 3 national languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English. All Bridge2Peace projects give priority to maximum community involvement and sustainability.

The journey has begun……….join us, together we can make a difference!